Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Preparing for NYC

As I prepare mentally for my sojourn to NYC, and the Grand Central Academy, I have been reading through, again, Juliette Aristedes book, Classical Drawing Atelier. In it are the basic fundamentals and some in-depth instruction on the classical drawing methods of great representational artists throughout the last few hundred years, and particularly those of the nineteenth century atelier's that were so prevalent in Europe at the time. The methods and thinking are sound: make a good drawing and the painting will follow. Above all else, get the drawing right. Modeling form is fun, difficult and often frustrating for the art student. This book explains step by step the processes needed to acquire the skills to master representational drawing. I took a workshop from Juliette back in 2007, and enjoyed it very much. It opened my eyes to the work involved in developing the skills see and think as an artist. Although, I did already "see" as an artist to some degree, this strictly reinforced what I had instinctively started to develop. Consistent hard work is the key. Developing ones eye and skill takes some time, but I am confident that, since I have been drawing and painting since high school, as a part time artist, my development shall not be impeded by age. I am optimistic, and look forward to immersing myself completely in art. Next blog…about the art galleries I plan to visit. Love it already! Photo is a self portrait by Juliette.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finding a Sublet In NYC

Having been out of the city of New York since 1992 after having lived there for 8 years, I can honestly say I forget how crazy it is to find a living situation there. As in most things, it's always best to "know" somebody. But I know only one person left from the old days and he shares a small apartment already...not something I can dive into. So, I've been looking on Craigslist and what I thought was almost a done deal on a sublet has turned South and now I am hot on the trail of a new sublet in the East Village. I can honestly say it reminds me of throwing bread crumbs into a pond of carp. A frenzy-like atmosphere emerges and you start to stress and get caught up in it. I have been jerked around by at least two (I think) would be scammers, whose sublets were just a bit too good to be true and who wanted me to wire them money. That was a laugh. One woman actually said I could not send my friend to see the place until I gave her a deposit because she had shown the place to a few people and they didn't rent it. Good luck with that! Another potential scammer answered one of my emails at 2:30 AM Pacific time. That means he is either a very early riser or he was someplace other than New York, say maybe Russia?!? Who knows? Anyway, I found a guy, who happens to be a trader on Wall Street and was born and raised in Half Moon Bay, CA. The same place where I own a home and recently moved from. Small world. We'll see what happens. And, BTW, all the places I've seen pics of are small, cramped even, with maybe 400 sq feet of space. My how we take space for granted here in Phoenix!
Out for now...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well It's Official...

I will be spending the month of September in NYC, studying part time at,
The Grand Central Academy of Art.
By part time, I mean, M-TH 6:30 – 9:30 PM, and Sat 12:30 – 4:30 PM The tickets are bought, the sublet is waiting, and I am ready to head back to NYC! The school was started by Jacob Collins, Dan Thompson, and others. I had the pleasure of studying under Dan for a workshop in 2007 in figure drawing. What a great guy. He also studied with Jacob Collins at The Water Street Atelier, also founded by Collins.
I've also had the pleasure of attending a workshop with Juliette Aristides, also alum of the same school.
I had the pleasure of taking a portrait class from Jacob Collins in the early 90's at The National Academy of Art in NYC. Mr. Collins has been a huge inspiration to me and my pursuit, although part time, of being a better artist. And although I have pretty much been a part time, or Sunday painter, as I like to say, I have been inspired to take my art to the next level. Unfortunately for my music, I have found I no longer have the energy or the will to play full time in a band. I will, however, pursue that as a "Sunday" drummer/singer. At The Grand Central, they teach in the classical tradition, where skill in draftsmanship came first and was highly developed. This will be the foundation of all my future artistic endeavors. To be achieve above all, a good drawing, all else will follow. I will start will "cast drawing" and "figure drawing." As I am a part time student, this will only be for one month, but I am completely psyched to be able to immerse myself completely in my art work. I will be documenting this incredible journey through this blog...
Wish me luck!