Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finally move and new studio

After a few months on pins and needles to see if we would get our new house, we are going to move in on Feb 26th. My new studio space will be larger and, hopefully, easier for me to be productive in. It has a hard wood floor and I painted one wall a green-gray color that I had replicated from a Chardin painting background. The rest of the walls are off white. The lighting is not natural, as I have only one West facing window, but I plan to use a configuration similar to that recommended by the great studio painter, Duffy Sheridan.

The light is a combo of different tones of light mixed with a "natural sunlight" lamp or two. Of which, I already have.

Anyway, I am excited to get all of the distractions of buying a house and moving out of the way so I get back down top business.

I plan on taking a few classes at Scottsdale Artists School, even though they don't really meet my needs, they occasionally have a teacher I am interested in meeting, Like Tony Pro.

One of these days I will master or at least get better at taking photos of my paintings, something the new studio lighting will help with, and I will not be hesitant to post them here. In the mean time, keep creating guys!


  1. Chuck, this sounds exciting! Congratulations on the new house and studio. Do you have any of your paintings posted where I can look at them from here? I'm thinking of doing another Matt Sesow project next year, another painting, another ten plays, I'll keep you in the loop. Who would have thought all these years later we would still be dealing with a war. Maybe we'll have to grapple with it again, with a new perspective. I hope you are doing well, I so appreciate your comments and encouragement. I don't have internet at home so it makes it difficult for me to always comment, but I found a coffee shop near by that I can now settle into...

  2. Sounds good Raymond. I am posting some paintings as I can. It's hard for me to get good photos of the work. I will figure it out soon and post more.