Sunday, February 14, 2010

Looking at the Face of Genius

It's not too often that my jaw drops in admiration of a painters work. Most painters are okay some are better than okay and some are really good. But few are great. You are looking at the face of Odd Nerdrum. He paints like I wish I could and has brought me to the point of trying to emulate him. But genius cannot be taught. Only by experimentation and hard work can true genius be brought out of an artist, and if they are just so so, then that is what they have to offer. But I am hopeful looking at his work. I am hopeful because I understand it. And understanding is the first step toward emulation and emulation is the next step toward individual expression and that is the subjective point of view known by some as genius. I don't necessarily like some of his images, but his technique is marvelous. My favorite expression in life is quoted from the master acting teacher Stanislavski, "We must make the impossible difficult, the difficult easy, and the easy, second nature." Amen to that!

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  1. I am really enjoying your blogs about your development as an artist. With two artist sisters I have long been interested in the process. Yes, I think this artist is a master. I do like your painting of an orange and hope you will photograph more. I photographed a lot of Doc's drawings, but his alcoholism seems to have pretty much squelched his creative efforts. (my companion) We sisters have all experimented with photographing art work to get them on our family site as well as blogs.