Saturday, March 27, 2010

Studio pic

I have a few works in progress in this pic. The paints are Gamblin on the right and M.Graham on the left. I wanted to try Graham because they are hand made with walnut oil. Very smooth and creamy.


  1. I was startled when I enlarged the above photo and saw the skulls in detail! I always like to encourage artists. Have you seen the photo of my sister on Facebook with her sculpture of the poet in SF in progress. Also Scott Hall, her son has posted a side by side photo of Bukowski and his finished sculpture. Uncanny likeness. Both my sister LaRae and Linda have done some remarkable portrait sculptures. I am on Facebook just to see the photos. Some people put some wild ones up there. I always read your comments on Raymond's blog which are insightful, but I often feel frustrated with responses. So few bloggers read. So actually my book reviews or my memoirs probably don't get read by the ones who don't read books! Too bookish! Bloggers like to form little cliques with people very like themselves, so I save time for book reading and those authors don't visit your blog! I think you have been a very worthwhile commenter to Raymond's blog and I know he values your imput. He does not comment on my blog either in Austin, but does more when he is somewhere he can access on line easier. He does call however, and we have long chats. I like to encourage bloggers like yourself. My sisters blog sporadically and then decide no one is interested and quit! But I just blog blog and also do the family site thing and Facebook and read. You have got to keep up some contacts or go mad. I also go to Vagabond Journeys which I like on my blog list. He paints, too, so you might try reading his blog. He is usually pretty good to reciprocate intelligently. He is DB who comments occasionally on Raymond's blog and mine. He was a professional actor in New York, too, so you have things in common! He is older, about 70 something and has a very bad hip, practically can't get around, has financial problems. But if you have not read it, I think you would like his blog. He is one of the few who reads, paints, knows a lot about music, painters, writers, playwrights, etc. He also tries his hand as fiction and like you prints excerpts from time to time.

  2. Gerry, thanks for the input. I have read DB’s and your blog as well. I have found, being in writers groups, that a lot of writers don't like to read other people's posts if it all becomes too overwhelming in volume. Also, when I was in an online group, I found a lot of folks who didn't know the fundamentals of good writing were writing a ton of material and it was so poorly written that it would literally take over an hour to critique and edit a few thousand words! I couldn't take it anymore. LOL I have joined a bunch of sites and have a lot of friends on Facebook who are exhibiting painters, really great at their craft. I hesitate to post too many paintings because I compare myself and don't yet feel worthy and besides, I can't take a decent enough picture to really show the work the way it is meant to be seen. I need to learn how to change the final picture size so it doesn't look too large and detailed, like with a magnifying glass. It's not meant to be seen that way. Anyway, thanks for posting.