Sunday, August 15, 2010

Alla Prima 12 x 9 Oil on canvas

This little Alla Prima painting is not all I've been up to but it is the only painting I have bothered taking photos of. It's very difficult to get a really good photo of a painting. This one is just passable.

I don't usually work in alla prima, but I was inspired to just do a quick painting by some of the other work I had been checking out lately.

Just got back from a trip to Northern California a few weeks ago when I painted a small painting on the beach. I'll post that soon.

Been writing a lot. I am reminded of what a frustrating venture that is. It seems nobody really cares what you write. Why? Because they have to READ it and there is so much CRAP out there that after a while they just stop reading.

That's what happened to me when I was in a writers group. It seems the worst writers take up all the time of the more experienced writers and also it seems no really can give an honest crit because of hurt feelings and just not having anything constructive to say in general. Anyway, I can't blame people for not wanting to read because I'm the same way…so anyway, trying to get a screenplay read by anyone that can actually do something about producing it is next to zero!

It’s tough out there, people! But I have tons of ideas and stories I am developing in spite of the fact that I haven't an agent. Being hopeful and being full of shit are two different things, I've found. I know I am a good writer, as I have been published and been told so by folks in the business when they didn't have anything at stake by saying so. I enjoy writing immensely. It feeds my desire to create. Creativity is the closest to God a mortal can get. It is a gift from God, no doubt to be able to create, and only man can do this. We are all spiritual beings...enough ranting, back to work!



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  1. I thought this was a very interesting discussion about writing. You made a lot of very good observations. I think every person has insights and experiences that others might benefit from, if they can take the time to try to get them down on paper, and as you said, get someone to take the time to read them. I think writing develops the writer as much as it does anyone, so it is an activity that is beneficial even if not too many read. I am like you, I am only interested in certain kinds of writing, but that goes for everyone. I, for example, got interested in your writing from reading your comments on Raymond's blog, so I started looking at your blog since I also enjoy art a great deal. I really enjoy seeing how someone develops as an artist as well. Since I am the mother I hardly expected you to take that much interest in my writing, but it is enough that you are a valuable reader of Raymond's. I think of you as a very good friend of his because of the insights you offer him. His participation online has been very hit and miss since he has been in Boulder especially, so I hope to represent him a little in reading your blog consistently, as I know his access to a computer has been very spotty. Raymond rarely comments on my blog but he calls me more often than any of my kids and catches me up that way. So I know he appreciates his long time supporters even when his presence is not visible, and sometimes he gets very preoccupied and into a project, too and is having financial difficulties while trying to stay someplace. I really want to encourage you to continue working on your writing as at first it is going to be an invaluable way for you to develop. Then when you reach a certain point you can worry about the reception it is getting. Just as in this blog, I see a consciousness of development on both the painting and writing planes.