Monday, January 4, 2010

On Being A writer

The last words of the great general, Robert E lee before he died, years after the end of the war, on his death bed were, "Strike the tent..." Oh, how we live in our dreams, our guilt and pleasures of the past, present and future. I have lived memories over until they were worn thin and lost impact. I have seen how I wanted things to be and argued with ghosts of the past only to awaken and see them for what they are. There was a time when I refused to commune with certain people because I did not want the memory of them in my head. I see things over and over again after they are gone. I am an observer. I have a keen interest in cause and effect. I see people as they are, as they try to be, as they hope they are...The past haunts me until I tell it to go away, then it does for a while until stirred up again by some inane comment or situation. This is why I write. I see things clearly enough, can hold them still long enough for me to write it down…

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  1. I loved this post and comment. Chuck, I really appreciate keeping in touch, and so enjoy your comments. I admit, I haven't been a very good friend or contact at times, but I'm so glad that you are keeping our friendship going. I didn't ever get your card, but that isn't unusual, I've received some mail, but who knows, maybe it will come today. "Strike the tent..." I find your comments to be insightful and encouraging, I'll work on doing the same. Keep writing, someone is always listening.