Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pink lady and Onions

Still struggling with lighting issues in the studio. Not having natural light is very difficult for me. Here is a still life and the pink lady again. I reworked some of the background and shirt for this. Don't know if anything will ever really feel completely finished...

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  1. It's uncanny, this pink lady looks exactly like Louisa, do you remember her? She was one of the playwrights in the workshop, lives in NYC. I was shocked when I saw this! I've been looking at your paintings, Chuck, you really ARE a painter! Or as you say, 'a jack', but me thinks a mastery about these paintings. I've always loved still life painting, maybe because they slow me down and cause me to stop life for a minute. Anyway, I'm loving the screenplay, will finish tonight and talk to you about it.