Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Painting by Adolph Hitler

The above painting is a water color attributed to Hilter. When I look at it, I have to ignore the creepy feeling I get and concentrate on the art. Was he talented? Perhaps he had some talent, but any amount of talent, great or small must be developed and honed through many years of practice. Good health, clear eyes and mind help with this process. Best to try and learn to paint at a younger age. Fine art can be subjective, but I find nothing of great interest in this painting. It seems workman like in approach. There are some of the classic tricks a painting generally adheres to in order to trick the eye. Make the back ground surfaces lighter and more vague than the foreground. Vary the shapes, including the shading, etc. But the main problem with this painting, I think, is the shape and size of the paper it is on. The focal point is the mountain, but the more interesting aspect would have been how the trees and foreground lead into a majestic hill. The square shape of the paper does not permit this to happen. Another problem is the smaller hill. It looks like a green blob and takes away from the larger focal point of the mountain. The general feeling one gets looking at the painting is that of coldness, even though it was probably painted in the summer. There is greenery, but muted and a bit muddy. Generally, my gut feeling toward this painting is negative. I would never want to hang it in my house. Would you?

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  1. I think the dark trees in the foreground are almost ominous. If this was really painted by Hitler I think the dark trees suggest something of his extremist nature that could be called disturbing, but if I didn't think it was painted by Hitler I probably would not read that into it. I have not thought too much about analyzing a person's character by their painting, but I think they are surely going to leave a blueprint of sorts of what they emphasize in life.