Saturday, February 12, 2011

Alla Prima Portrait Workshop with Rose Frantzen

We had 16 people. Two models. We worked four days, two days on each model. She did a wonderful demo the first day. She asked us to not post any photos of her demo, so I don't have anything to show, but it was gorgeous. The first two days I did the painting of the female model. I struggled a bit as I was pretty far away and was having trouble seeing the details of her face. But as the time wore on I was seeing more and more. For the second model I was a few feet away and it was easy to see his face. Loved that! Rose is a dear, wonderful gal and I would highly recommend her workshops. Well worth the time and money. She is a true living master! Her knowledge of color alone is worth the cost of tuition.
Nearly finished last day.

Had a great week working with the master painter Rose Frantzen. She's a bundle of energy and a great teacher as well as artist. Took her lessons to heart and had a great week.

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